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  We provide dedicated support resources so that agents can be sure that the business they submit is complete and correct for the carriers.
 One of our major fo jobs is making sure that agents are successful, so we handle almost all of the back office work.  If you ever have a problem or an issue you can call us and we will...
Dedicated Support

Great Insurance Jobs Get Better With Dedicated Support

We're Committed To Keeping You Focused On Making Money

You’re busy selling, and the last thing you want to worry about is all of the administrative work that surrounds meeting a prospect, making a sale, and delivering a policy. 

Between our regional field managers and our home office team, every American Classic Agency agent has an army of people working behind the scenes to provide support in the following areas:  

  • Pre-sale

  • New Business Processing

  • Post Sale Follow-Up

  • Commissions

  • Lead Generation

  • Licensing and Contracting

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Ongoing Training and Support

Every ACA agent is provided with a list of contacts for managers, home office, and even resources within our partner carriers, to provide them numerous levels of support. 

Let us show you how being in business for yourself does not mean that you’re in business by yourself.  With our dedicated army of personnel proactively watching your back at all times, you’ll have the comfort of never feeling alone while you utilize the ACA system to build your career and your legacy.

Carrier Support

  Our Carriers Have Entire Departments Devoted To Serving You

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