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If you have been downsized or lost your job due to the recession, with ACA you'll never have to worry about that again.  As your own business owner you can make what you want, work when...
How much can you make as an ACA agent?  How much do you want to make?  We can show you a path to get there.
 if you are looking for a place where you can grow professionally, have the support you need, and truly build as much success as you want then ACA is the place.
Getting Started

Insurance Sales Licensing And Carrier Acceptance

Your Next Level Of Success Starts Right Now- Step 1: Carrier Acceptance

It is easier than ever before to get started on your way to financial freedom with American Classic Agency.  Utilizing our simple ACT (Agent Contracting Technologies) process, you’ll be on your way to getting appointed with our affiliated insurance carriers in no time.  Even if you are not yet a licensed agent it is best to get the carrier acceptance process underway, right away.  Take step one now by filling out the ACT form and submitting it for review.

Step 2:  Life Insurance Licensing

Upon submission of your ACT form we can help you with your licensing process.  Licensing is different from state to state so we will put you in contact with a local manager who can provide a variety of resources  and guidance to help you complete your licensing. 

Step 3:  Life Insurance Sales Training

American Classic Agency understands that fast pay makes fast friends, so we’ll work with you to schedule detailed yet expedient training, ensuring that you have all of the tools necessary to begin your journey towards financial independence. 

If you are already working with one of our leaders, please ask them to provide you with our ACT contracting packet.  Or if you’re brand new to ACA and are not working with one of our leaders, click here to access our ACT packet online to begin your long and profitable journey with ACA today!

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