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 With ACA you have the opportunity to make many points above your contract level through our multiple payout program. 
 Bob Segal gives us a thorough overview of ACA's incredible compensation plan.
Incentives And Bonuses

Life Insurance Agent Salary Part 2: Incentives And Bonuses

Extraordinary Efforts Merit Extraordinary Rewards

That’s why, in addition to generous commissions, American Classic Agency (ACA) has an incentive and bonus program that is second to none.  Our agents are  consistently motivated and excited to perform because they know they will be handsomely rewarded.   What other entrepreneurs get free trips to exotic destinations a couple of times year just for doing their jobs?   Or are recognized for outstanding performance with gold and diamonds?   Or even have an opportunity to receive bonuses every month?

While others are toiling away just to earn that same old paycheck, we wake up every morning knowing that today's work is going to put us that much closer to a first-class, all-expenses-paid family vacation in Europe or Hawaii.  Or that we are in the hunt for several hundred or even several thousand dollars in bonus money.  It's a great feeling and a fantastic motivator that just doesn't exist for most independent business owners.

Monthly Sales Bonuses

Cash Sales BonusesEach month we pool a percentage of all life insurance commissions we receive, and divide it among agents who exceed established sales goals for Personal, Agency/Base Shop, BaseShop Builder and Hierarchy Production.  Last year, we increased bonus payouts to include more agents. As other agencies decrease commissions, we added two more levels to our Road to the Top commission structure.

Quarterly Sales Bonuses

Quarterly, thousands of dollars are awarded for Peak Sales Performers on select products.

Sales & Recruiting Contests

 sales and recruiting contests,  free trips to qualified agentsLove to travel?  There is always a free vacation waiting for you to qualify for.  American Classic Agency and its affiliates sponsor regular contests awarding world class vacation packages and other prizes for our premier producers and builders. Luxury cruises, European, Caribbean & South Pacific getaways are just some of the exclusive travel prizes our agents have won or are currently competing to win. 

Agent Recognition Program

Agent Recognition ProgramOne of the most popular incentives American Classic Agency offers is our Classic Club Ring. As you achieve certain levels in your career you will be rewarded with a gold company signet ring and subsequent diamonds to signify your accomplishments.

There Is Still More In Our Compensation Package!
Discover how our agents can actually become their own insurance companies:

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