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Before you decide on an agency. You owe it to your self to understand the entire business proposition. Is it just a one dimensional commission rate?  Or is it an entire package focused on your...
Understand how we can generate a steady and consistent flow of leads. Over the years our speed solutions have paved the way for you to quickly build your business.
 The culture at ACA is different from most insurance companies,  Mary gives a little insight into the fun everyone has when they get together on some of the annual trips. 
Independent Agents

Independent Agents Have The Best Life Insurance Jobs

Independent But Not Alone, At ACA You Get The Best Of Both Worlds

While being independent in the insurance and financial services industry can certainly have its advantages, many agents find that the burden of prospecting, selling, administration, and client service can be a bit overwhelming. 

It can be extremely difficult to manage all of the demands of running an independent agency without any help or support.  This is why American Classic Agency has become a permanent home for thousands of independent agents across the country, because with ACA, an agents are in business for themselves but not by themselves. 

A Powerful Support System For Independent Agents

American Classic Agency provides a unique support structure that allows independent agents to continue to run their own business, but with a state-of-the-art support structure to plug into for help with prospecting, product knowledge, sales training, administration, and client relationship management.  Call us today to learn more about how we can help you support your business, which will give you more to focus on what you do best…selling!

Available Hot Markets: An Inside Look
If you are serious about your success and want to build a team, here is the inside information on some of the hottest markets in the country and how you can have an organization of your own.
There Are Many More HOT MARKETS Available!
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