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 There is more to a compensation package than a contract level.   We encourage you to understand the ENTIRE package that ACA has to offer.
 If you are an existing agent you need to watch this video.   Bob Segal gives the straight forward truth about how to be successful in the insurance business.   We think...
We have a great program for existing agents that allows you to service your clients while leveraging our products and selling systems to create additional business.
Making A Move

Making A Move To A New Agency

The Smartest Career Move You Can Make: Joining The ACA Team

Whether you are new to financial services or are an established agent in the industry, American Classic Agency has the tools and resources available to help you take your business and your income to a new level. 

In today’s age of mega mergers and cost-cutting business operation strategies, many companies are offering agents higher commission levels, but with no training or support available.  This makes it very difficult for an agent to survive in today’s competitive environment. 

At American Classic Agency, we’ll show you how our unique compensation structure (with competitive commission levels, bonuses, profit sharing, paid vacations, etc) coupled with our training and support is worth so much more than just a high commission level somewhere else. 

Our experts will work with you to design a plan that will integrate transition, training, and compensation into your road map for future success.  Give us (or one of our leaders) a call today to find out how we can help you make the last move of your career!

ACA's Strategy Makes It Easier To Recruit New Insurance Agents

This website is a powerful tool for recruiting new agents.   Our leading edge web presence will help you grow your business even faster when you join ACA.      Because our managers enjoy exclusive territories ACA can run national advertising programs that funnel local prospects straight to you.  If you have an established agency we can help you grow with a steady stream of excited new life insurance agents and top notch prospects.

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 ACA's lead system takes the fear out of selling...
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Making a move can be tough. We understand and have all...
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