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 Anthony Stewart tells us how he came to join ACA and how he plans to be with ACA forever.
Right now is a great time to be in the financial services.  The public is looking for the types of secure and stable investments we provide. We can teach you how to be successful in this...
Multicultural Opportunities

A Career In Insurance Sales Is A Multicultural Opportunity

 Diversity Is An ACA Tradition    

When we say that we are the "Ultimate Opportunity Company" we mean we are the ultimate opportunity for everyone! The strength of ACA is its culture and one of the core ingredients is that we have agents from all walks of life. Our backgrounds are so varied that our systems, support and processes proves that no matter who you are or where you are from you can be successful at ACA. There is no glass ceiling at ACA in fact there is no ceiling -  only ladders to success.   

As financial counselors and educators we know that much of our success is based on trust and relationship.  At ACA we are committed to lending dedicated support in various markets and communities. We are aware that a shared background, language or simply a cultural understanding can put you light years ahead of someone who does not have that same experience. What some might see as a disadvantage, we have come to see as a powerful asset in serving America's incredibly diverse population.

There are vast communities of under-served families...

...all across the country who do not have the opportunity to plan with a professional and are more comfortable doing business with someone from a similar background.  More often than not, once you have built a relationship with one community member the likelihood of referrals goes through the roof.  Time and again we see one client can open the door to relatives, friends, neighbors, business associates and even entire church congregations.  It is an incredible opportunity for anyone willing to work and serve these natural networks.  

Of course you are never limited to serving just a particular niche or community, just realize that it is a great place to start and may turn what you thought was your disadvantage into a real advantage.   

Opportunities for Ex-patriots

The United States is truly the land of opportunity and for those, willing to see and act on the opportunities presented to them.  Know that you are only limited by your own perceptions of what you can achieve. If you have the right to work in the United States either by green card or Visa then you have the ability to obtain an insurance license. From there your opportunity is unlimited with ACA. If you have found difficulty in finding work because of your immigration status or simply being new to the country, it is time to take the high road and put your self into a business where you are the boss.  

If you want to be the next great American success story, then start your journey today by joining ACA

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