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Rich Rossi gives you a clear picture of ACA's compensation package. 
How much can you make as an ACA agent?  How much do you want to make?  We can show you a path to get there.
Douglas gives his overview of the ACA program and the opportunities that are available with the company. 
Real Opportunity

Insurance Sales Salary

Life Insurance Sales: An Opportunity For Exceptional Compensation

Whether you’re a career professional or a part-time agent looking to supplement your income, at American Classic Agency you’ll find all the opportunity and tools you need to succeed.

While we honor individual achievement, American Classic Agency believes an even greater power is born when individual strengths unite as one.  We’ve forged just such a kinetic partnership, assembling some of our era’s strongest insurance providers, support organizations and agent groups, then channeling our combined energy in support of one another.  The result is unheard of opportunity whose visionary actions transform mere possibilities into reality.

If you are looking for a place to grow professionally, help people and and be proud of the organization you work with you owe it to yourself to give ACA serious consideration.  With ACA everything is out front and transparent.   There is no guesswork as to what your commission level is, what you need to do to give yourself a raise, or how you can move yourself into a top management position. It is all spelled out step-by-step with a well-defined, achievable plan in the "Road To The Top". 

The Road To The Top

 ACA's Compensation Program: A Clear Road Map To Top Earnings

 Insurance agent compensation: road to the topUnlike some companies whose compensation plan is vague and ever-changing,  ACA has created a  road map that clearly defines every aspect of how our agents are compensated,  we call it “ The Road to the Top”.  The clarity derived from this program has been a great benefit to all of our agents.  No matter where you are in the business there is always a clear definition of what you need to achieve to gain acceptance into the next level.   

ACA offers 22 levels of compensation with promotions based solely on performance.  Promotions are achievable every 4 months and if you are a seasoned agent you can come into our program at a higher level based on your past performance.  There are no glass ceilings, no limitations and certainly no secrecy or mystery when it comes to your compensation.

Discover your commission level here.

Advance Commissions on Policy Submission

We know that every agent wants to be paid quickly.   That's why we go the extra mile with our advance on submit policy.   When you submit a completed contract with the initial premium payment we don't make you wait around for the carrier to pay the commissions.  ACA  actually advances you your full commission the very next week.  That means that if you submit business as late as Thursday, you can have a check on the following Tuesday. 

With other companies you may have to wait weeks or even months to receive your commissions.   With ACA, we make sure our agents are well taken care of.   Over the past 20+ years we have found that this policy is a profound motivator and really takes a lot of the guesswork out of managing personal cash flow.  It's just another one of the things that makes working with ACA  a great pleasure.

Commission Overrides Available For All Agents

When you bring someone in to the business you can receive an override on all of the business they produce.   Typically the override that you would receive is the difference between your commission level and their commission level.  If you are at a 100% commission level and your new agent is at a 75% commission level you would receive a 25% commission on all business they write.  

As you can see the override is a powerful way to increase your income by sharing the great opportunity at ACA with others. It's truly a win-win for everyone involved.

Wait, there is more!!

In addition to generous commission payouts, ACA also offers a variety of additional rewards and perks that can ultimately end up adding many more points to your contract level.  We're not just about a commission level, we have an entire package that no other company in the industry can even come close to matching.

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Incentives and Bonuses

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