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 A brief background on ACA, its subsidiaries and the reasons behind the creation of such a unique company.
 The culture at ACA is different from most insurance companies,  Mary gives a little insight into the fun everyone has when they get together on some of the annual trips. 
 The thing that makes ACA different is our culture.  This is a company by agents for agents so we are all about serving our agents. You will have all the things you need to really be...
About ACA

American Classic Agency, A Top Insurance Marketing Organization's Success Story

Headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, American Classic Agency is built on the fundamental belief that we are all captains of our destiny, creating our own opportunities and limited only by our willingness to work hard and dream big.

American Classic Agency puts that philosophy in action, bringing together the right mix of:

• Product and Provider
• Marketing Leads and Market Leaders
• Insurance Sales Technology
• Incentives and Equity

Insurance Marketing Organization: ACAAmerican Classic Agency is committed to helping its agents build long-term customer relationships.  That’s why we offer and can be an advisor not just to typical insurance products, but to financial planning vehicles as well, including mutual funds, annuities, fixed or variable life insurance and equity indexed universal life.

ACA is recognized as a leader in financial services.  With a major focus on life insurance and other fixed cost insurance products our twenty-five year track record of success and unique approach to marketing has built a thriving organization that offers unparalleled opportunities to its agents, and world class products to its customers.

With over twenty years behind us, and a very bright future ahead, we can't fit the entire ACA story on a single page.  To find out more and get some real insight in to one of the most agent centric organizations in the insurance industry, we invite you to explore our entire site and get the real story on why ACA agents stay with ACA for years and years.

American Classic Agency’s Mission Statement:

We help Middle America’s families
identify and resolve critical financial matters that they
have not addressed and of which they may not even be aware.

Our History

American Classic Agency (ACA) was established in 1995. At a time when the insurance industry’s top players were cutting back on customer service and sales support, ACA emerged as a fresh new player, bridging the gap with more personal attention and dedicated support, harnessing the power of e-commerce and meeting the needs of a changing marketplace.

ACA, along with its affiliate American Classic Securities, (ACS) celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of thousands of independent life insurance agents and registered representatives located across the country. Through this innovative concept, ACA provides the training, support and opportunities for committed professionals to join under one banner with one goal: provide our customers with personalized insurance, annuity and mutual funds to help them attain their long-term dreams.

Together, ACA and ACS have helped hundreds of thousands of hard-working American families protect against the unexpected with life, disability and LTC insurance, and plan their financial futures with cash accumulation vehicles such as UL, Variable Life Annuities, and mutual funds.

Our Philosophy

American Classic PhilosophyWe are captains of our own destiny, creating our own opportunities, limited only by our own willingness to work hard and dream big.

This is truly the pinnacle philosophy of American Classic Agency (ACA) and American Classic Securities. We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America and that good things should come to those who work hard.

At American Classic, the customer is king. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver value products that help consumers protect their hard-earned assets and save for future needs.

At the same time, it’s difficult to find a company as committed to its sales force and employees as ACA. In a time when companies are cutting costs, trimming salaries and eliminating bonuses, ACA is doing the opposite. We not only provide a comprehensive product mix that builds your business, we offer exceptional training, sales support, rewards and compensation.

Join us. We think you’ll agree.

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