Agent Stories From ACA Women
 Stacy's path to ACA is like many.  She never expected she would be here, but now wouldn't trade it for anything.
Opportunities For Women

Insurance Sales Positions For Women At ACA

An Unlimited Opportunity For Women

 insurance sales positions for women

• 30+ percent of ACA's salesforce are women
• ACA's all-time top sales leader is a woman
• Women ACA agents are the creators of Women's Wealth and Wellness, one of the only insurance oriented, live events in the country.
• ACA is firmly committed to women, their issues and providing a unique business opportunity that offers unlimited growth and exceptional flexibility.  

Women from all walks of life are joining ACA because we "get" women.  Whether you're looking for part-time work with a full-time income or you simply want an opportunity that allows you the flexibility to make family a priority ACA is a great fit for all kinds of women.  

Why women are so successful in financial services…

Women have the unique ability to put prospects at ease and discuss some of life's more difficult questions.  It's hard to say if it is an empathetic demeanor, more compassion or just a willingness to dig deeper into life's tough problems, but one thing for sure is: women are well suited to helping families solve some of life's biggest problems.  

In today's families women are often the final decision-makers.  They control a large percentage of family finances and they have the ability influence virtually every major decision.  So who is best suited to connect with and build a relationship with that kind of decision maker? Other women, of course.   

Solutions For Women

It's true, there is a crisis going on in this country that almost no one is talking about.  That is the women's longevity crisis.  Statistics tell us that women outlive men and that the vast majority of women are facing a serious problem should they lose their spouses income, pension or other means of support.  Fortunately this is a crisis that can be averted through some forward thinking and the use of life insurance.  

Bringing this situation to the attention of other women and helping them avert a disaster is one of the most gratifying careers available today.  At the end of the day, what would you prefer to have accomplished?  Sold 100 people houses, or helped ensure that 600 women were not forced to live in poverty during the last years of their lives.  If you want to make a difference in the world this is a way to do it.   Every day you will know that you have made a lasting impact on the lives of people you work with.  

But I'm not a salesperson...

Great!  We are not looking for salespeople.  We are looking for educators and problem solvers.  The kind of people who are willing to understand a person's situation and educate them on their options for the future.  If you can do that in a friendly and compassionate way you can be remarkably successful.  Remember: no one plans to fail, they only fail to plan.  When you develop a solution that fits a client's needs and works within their budget, they will be thrilled to give you their business.

If you want to make a difference in people's lives and feel great about the work you do, then we encourage you to take the next step and discover a career you will love. 

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